A Wonderful Community Project

The Tara Martins Community Project is a not-for-profit community interest group that specialises in supporting the less privileged members of our communities; inspiring them to live healthy and purposeful lives. We work with various local and national organisations to help us provide to those most in need.      


Working with National Express Foundation, My Trust, the National Lottery, and others to help us support vulnerable people we run several emergency shelters for those who need them where we work with the local government and organisations to prop these people back up on their feet and provide them with what they need to stay safe and healthy. To coincide with this we also run various classes to teach individuals what they need to know to be successful in getting a job, to excel in their current job, or even to develop and start their own business.   


We also run a local wellness centre on Chatham Highstreet where we will be running the courses. In this wellness centre, we will have workspaces for those who would like to use their equipment or the equipment provided to work in a relaxing environment. This space also includes a staffed kitchen where we will be selling healthy and nutritionally rich foods and drinks for people to fuel themselves while they work. 

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