Welcome to Tara Martin’s Community Project!

At the Tara Martin’s Community Project, we’re looking to revolutionise our local communities by giving individuals the skills, resources to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. 

We don’t just look at one area to improve, we have
encompassed them all into one project to help our future generations lead the
best lives possible. 

Our project is split into four main categories which

Our Wellness Store

Our Self-Serviced Holiday Stays 

The Wellness Chef 

All of these projects have their role to play in our
community, whether it be transforming the way you eat or giving you a place to stay.  

If you want to find out any more about our individual
projects, you can click through to each one to read more about them. 

To contact us about getting involved in any of our projects,
just call us on 01634 566 260 or email tar amartinscp@gmail.com

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